Desktop v Laptop

Which do you prefer ? For me it has to be Desktops hands down, can’t stand lappys

Got a nice 32" for my PC, it only cost £70 off gumtree


Laptop all the way, I use my iPad a lot more at the moment though.

The reason I prefer a laptop over desktop is it’s more flexible. You can take it anywhere with ease & even connect it to a full size monitor along with a keyboard and mouse should you wish to work that way from time to time.

Ultimately I guess it depends what you’re core use is. If you need super super power then desktop is the way to go.


Laptop plugged into 2 X 27" screens - “Most” people won’t need the power of a proper desktop, so doing it this way gives you the best of both worlds.

iPad to work on for fun/smaller tasks (although the iPad Pro and Keyboard is my new “laptop” as I rarely bother to move my actual laptop).


Same here, I tend to plug my Laptop into a 24" monitor if required. But I like to know I have the choice to take it with me if I want. Which I still do from time to time.

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Currently have both - a gaming desktop (built around 7 years ago now!) and Surface Pro 4. The Surface is really nice to use and these days I don’t have time to game so I can see myself going to laptop only. Surface can easily be docked to multiple monitors. I am aiming to get a Surface Book in a few years once my current devices start dying off - for now they are serving me well.

Mega beast of a desktop, then a pretty much dump laptop running linux, RDP to the desptop, and/or play games via GeForce Now :smiley:

Both. Have a MacBook Pro which I use for web development and general browsing etc. I do though have a gaming PC I built 3/4 years ago.

I prefer MacOS though, so spend most my time on my MacBook

Both - I use an iMac 5k at home, and a MacBook Pro on the go. I thought I could exist on just the iMac and an iPad Pro but when I started freelancing I realised I’d need to get myself a proper work machine I could take with me.

I love my iMac but last year my iCloud got hacked and they managed to lock my computer (with iOS devices you can put in your code and unlock devices but macOS needs you to take it into a store to be reset) - on the way back from the apple store (on the tube, in summer heat, carrying a 27" iMac - not fun) I managed to crack the screen a little on the edge which was very upsetting. It’s been too much effort to try to get it fixed so I’ve just learned to ignore it for now, but I might end up just getting a 5k monitor and using my laptop plugged into that at home.


Depending on where I am…at work it’s my 5inch phanlet . At home my lappy😀 weird how I start FB on my phone and then end up looking on my laptop , it’s a bigger internet lol

27" Imac at home, 13" MacBook Pro for work, iPad Pro and keyboard for on the go :apple: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 9 year old desktop gaming PC which is kinda on it’s last legs now (you can’t run a Xeon de-lid at 40% overclock forever :frowning: )

My daily is now a 13" TB Macbook Pro for development with a 27" 4k screen connected, works perfectly fine and I don’t have to VNC/Teamviewer into a random iMac for app releases any more :slight_smile:

I’ve used a Macbook Pro since '08 and can’t go back. Currently 2 ext. monitors connect to it for greater real-estate.

I like the combination of Macbook and an external monitor - I feel like I get the best of both.

I’m upgrading my monitor to the LG 5K display, so I’m really looking forward to that :raised_hands:

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I use a laptop at work and have an iMac at home but I rarely use iMac these days as I use my phone for most things.

Sounds like a monzo perk!


I prefer laptop over desktop. But I find my iPhone has taken over my MacBook Pro these days.

Mac Mini and iPad. Laptop is a compromise of the two.

Desktop for sure.

Recently I sold my old i7-3770 desktop and attempted to switch to a Thinkpad X220 running macOS connected to external monitor/peripherals via a dock. Worked fine for general use but running VMs caused the CPU to get a little hot (>85C).

So I picked up a refurbished HP ProDesk 600 G1 for £85 from eBay. Changed the Clover config and a few kexts on the SSD in the Thinkpad then popped the drive into the ProDesk. Instant Hackintosh desktop that idles at 29C and is a fair bit faster than the X220.

I have basically not used anything but my iPad Pro and keyboard since I got it. For me, a complete laptop replacement.