Inspired by @Orinoco’s post:

Does anyone else want to post their desk setup?

Mine needs some work, and I’m considering replacing the two 27" monitors with an LG Dualup.

The way I have it setup:

The two 27" monitors are connected to my Windows rig (which is aging and will be changed soon) which I use mainly for songwriting/music production.

The MacBook is a work one - This is an old picture so that’s actually my Twitter one in the photo, but when we sold Sphere we were allowed to buy our Sphere laptops at a discounted rate so I use that for the freelancing/consulting stuff I’ve been doing since.

The ultrawide is on an HDMI switcher and connected to both machines. So when I have it on the Windows rig, I use the central monitor for the audio timeline when I’m working on music, the Ultrawide for the faders / virtual mixing desk (most of my songs have 40 tracks, my productions tend to be heavily layered) and the left monitor has open plugins.


I would post mine but it is absolutely woeful in comparison. 2 of the cheapest monitors going (first one I bought in panic the day lockdown was announced - very glad I did though!)