Which Monitor Is Best?


I’m siding with the 32" as i’d be paying an extra £100 for 2" more, plus the 34" is Too wide for my liking, what do you guys think ?
I only do a little bit of gaming on CS GO, nothing to intense.

I sit about 28inches from my current 32" HDTV, looking for a monitor as they have better picture.

You’ve already answered your own question as to which would be best for you.

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I just bought this bad boy :heart_eyes:

Haters gonna hate



Just wanted some opinions before I make any commitments mate.
In case anybody has experience in this size screen ?

He does that a lot with all the random topics he makes :see_no_evil:

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Life lesson for you…

Stop caring what others think and get what you like best. If ones too big then go for the other, stop overthinking it :roll_eyes:


Fair enough dude.
Just wanted to see what other peoples opinions are before I buy.

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Why not a 32” (or less) freesync monitor instead?

32” 1080p in my mind is to large a screen for 1080p. I’d go for a smaller screen at 1080p.

What gpu is driving it?

Radeon rx vega 11

I currently have a 32" HDTV which i got off gumtree two years ago for £70 and the size suits me. Time for an upgrade and just want to see what others opinions are

Because Ive used a 32" for so long, anything smaller wouldn’t feel right ( for me anyway )

Check ebuyer.com, the first screen is £10 cheaper there, didn’t check the 2nd

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Thanks man, I’m aware of that, I saw it yesterday.
I’d stick to novatech for peace of mind because their CS is good.

Ebuyer use Yodel right ?

If you can get a freesync monitor you may find you love it. Works with amd.

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That’s what I went for…

Excellent monitor
How come when i choose 3840 x 2160 pixels on Ubuntu it works even though its not a 4K screen ?

If you want to play CS:GO, go for the 144hz one! It’s a high-refresh sort of game. :wink: