3 lessons I've learnt in my second year working at Monzo

Hey wonderful community folks, it’s been a while! I’ve had a real whirlwind of a year at Monzo (I’m technically approaching two and a half years working here.) Since I last said hi, I’ve completely changed what I do here, and now lead ongoing training for our wonderful COps :policeman:t2:‍♂

Just dropping by to share my latest blog post with you. 2 years in Monzo time is both a long and short time, depending on how you look at it. I’ve loved every minute.

3 lessons I’ve learnt in my second year at Monzo :link:


Thats a nice read and three good lessons. :smile: I also chuckled at the:

Essentially, it’ll make a Brenda-sandwich. Not sure if that’s enticing or off-putting, if I were to be completely honest.

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Haha! Well, had to be honest. I hope it’s more like “ooh, that might be nice” than, “ugh, I wouldn’t work with her ever” :joy:

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