£1000 monthly ATM Limit

(James Cheshire) #1

Was anyone else aware of the £1000 monthly ATM limit for verified? Can this be increased?

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey James,
All of the limits are at getmondo.co.uk/terms/ – we’ll be looking to raise some of them over the coming months :slight_smile: Mind me asking why you want such a high ATM limit?

(James Cheshire) #3

I wouldn’t say £1000 monthly limit is a high one. Even in this day and age there are still a lot of places that don’t take card. For example I have a holiday home on the east coast. The site does not take cards. Only cash. And that can be from refilling a gas bottle to buying beer or food in the on site bar. Also the arcades and amusements don’t take cards. But even down to little things like my window cleaner - cash only.

Although I still have a back up account that I use for bills and direct debits I tend to transfer most of my “spends” a month over to the mondo card. As there is no current facility to transfer out there has also been occasions where I’ve thought “damn I forgot about that direct debit” and withdrew cash to payback into my other account to cover bills.


I can’t see anything about a monthly ATM limit in the terms & conditions? Just a daily and yearly?

I’m about to go on holiday in the next few weeks and prefer to spend cash only when on holiday to help with budget. I’ll definitely be spending more than £1,000 in a month so it would be great if you can confirm if this monthly ATM limit exists?

(James Cheshire) #5

Defo £1000 a month. I can’t find it now in the t and c’s but I tried to take cash out last night and it declined. Called up support and they advised me its capped at £1000 in a rolling 30 day period.

(Tristan Thomas) #6

We need to update the terms I think – there is a monthly limit currently. When on holiday I’d definitely recommend using the Mondo card - it’ll be much cheaper and should help you with tracking your spending :slight_smile:


I’d love to use my card but I’m going to need more than £1,000 for a three week holiday :frowning:

(Tristan Thomas) #8

I meant recommend using your card to actually pay for stuff, rather than always taking cash out :slight_smile:


I’ll give it a go but I tend to find withdrawing cash helps me stick to my daily budget. Thanks for responding anyway and please consider raising these limits much higher so we can use our cards how we want to.

(Daniel Edwards) #10

Sorry if this is somewhere else - but why is using the card abroad cheaper?

(Marc Bearman) #11

I believe it is due to the fact that you don’t pay the non-sterling transaction fee that you get when you withdraw from an ATM, and you have the added plus that you don’t have the risk factor of carrying more cash than a drug lord :grinning:

Happy to be corrected if I am wrong.

(Tom ) #12

Perhaps you’re under an illusion Mondo is a bank? It’s not.

I’m sure when it is, you’ll be able to use your card “as you want to”.


I’m under no illusion. Maybe you haven’t used a pre-paid card before but I have and it had a much higher limit than £1,000 a month

I’m just trying to give feedback that not everyone manages money in the same way and these limits is the only real negative to the many positives that Mondo gives. Hopefully they can be increased

(Caleb Wong) #15

Sure the £1000 limit needs to be changed.

(John Mapley) #16

recommend using your card to actually pay for stuff, rather than always taking cash out

That would be great but there are entire countries (Taiwan and Japan for example) where cards are accepted in very few places. I can use my Mondo card directly for about 10% of my spending in Taiwan. When I lived in Japan a few years ago it was less than that.

What I’m saying is please don’t consider this a feature rather than a bug. “Use your card instead of withdrawing cash” is a perfectly fine thing to say in beta, but it won’t be further down the line. :slight_smile:

(Jonas Templestein) #17

The ATM withdrawal limit is a measure to cap our exposure to fraud losses. Criminals often use prepaid programs like ours to turn stolen card numbers into cash.

Many apologies for the inconvenience this causes all legitimate users in the meantime :slight_smile:

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(John Mapley) #18

That makes perfect, perfect sense. Thanks for the explanation :relaxed:

Can’t wait for you guys to be a real bank :rocket:

(Caleb Wong) #19

Would it be possible to increase it to 1500/2000?
If I walk in Apple and get a computer, mostly I will go for 1000+.
Just some chance couldn’t use it thou.

(John Mapley) #20

This is about a monthly ATM withdrawal limit, it doesn’t affect card payments (which I’m guessing you’d use for that kind of purchase).

Though until Mondo’s terms page is updated I guess we don’t really know what other limits apply… Until we hit them… :scream:

(Caleb Wong) #21

Oh right! But first I gotta top up it with 1000. Ummmm still can’t resist the credit card bonus points atm.