2016 In Numbers

(Naji Esiri) #1

(Alex Sherwood) #2

For anyone who’s curious to see how their average spend per category compares to other Monzo user’s :mag: here’s the average spend per transaction…

  • Groceries £8.61
  • Shopping £21.68
  • Transport £7.35
  • Entertainment £12.50

(Andrew Schofield) #3

I guess this shows how heavily skewed Monzo users are towards London, with low value transport transactions. Probably not being skewed that much by the relatively few (I assume) people refueling their cars at ~£60 a time :stuck_out_tongue:

Also interesting is the relatively low value of the groceries transactions as this implies that a lot of people are doing “top up shops” rather than doing a “big shop” and making it last. This is one area where insights could be useful, because Monzo could alert you by saying

It looks like you’re making a lot of small value grocery spends. Maybe you should consider fewer larger shops to prevent spending more on impulse buys.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

That’s a good point, although there has been a shift in the location of the majority of Monzo users so perhaps we’ll see the average spend on transport increase in 2017 :crystal_ball:

(Andrew Schofield) #5

Possibly although people in London are more likely to make a lot of small value transactions compared to those driving cars or taking commuter trains.


The monzo users I know personally tend to still do the majority of grocery spending from joint accounts with their partners rather than their personal monzo card.

Also outside of London there are still many smaller retailers who will not accept card transactions for small amounts. I’m just outside Norwich but of the 3 pubs closest to me one does not accept cards at all and the other two both want you to spend £10!

(Kieran Johnston) #8

There’s also the fact that you can’t use Monzo cards at self-service pumps in petrol stations!

(Andrew Schofield) #9

True, but I just go into the kiosk :stuck_out_tongue:

(Peter ) #10

The proportion of this year’s total spend that went through as international transactions is testament to the strengths of Monzo, I’d say.

£21m international out of £86m - pretty much 25%!


Those are some great numbers. Impressive stuff to see.

Any chance you can show the split between android and iOS spending?


The average spend is not much more than my own. I’m pleased to say that except for a few parking meters and the deposit for the shopping trolley I haven’t touched any currency since last August.

(James Billingham) #13

Re: big shops vs small shops.

This also includes lunchtime visits to Tesco Express, Boots, etc. which is very common in cities - particularly London. So I expect this would account for the skew, along with “city-people” being more likely to eat-out.

It is worth noting though that it’s actually often more cost effective to buy your groceries every day (assuming you’re purchasing at standard big-shop prices) because you’ll only buy exactly what you need for the day - rather than speculative purchases. This means your food will be a little fresher and less likely to go bad due to not using it when you expected to.

(Andrew Schofield) #14

I would have categorised those spends as eating-out rather than groceries, especially as it would be much cheaper to make lunch myself so buying it would be an indulgence.

(Andrew Schofield) #15

Only if you’re buying exactly the same as you would have done if you’d planned meals in advance and bought them in a big shop. If you go around the shop every day going “oh that looks nice” that I remain convinced you’ll spend more. Additionally if you do daily shops in Tesco express/metro or equivalent then there is a markup on almost all products relative to the superstore version (and visiting my local supermarket every day would be a pita).


Out of necessity because we don’t have cars to carry all that shopping. I haven’t done a big shop in years. Yesterday I went out and bought bread and a chicken; we Londoners are used to just buying what we need :wink: :wink:


I saw my first Monzo user yesterday paying for the bus with his Monzo. We struck up a convo and it turns out he knows next to nothing about the functionality of his card; he has it because he works for a tech startup and everyone was talking about it so he got one. Don’t worry I filled him in on why Monzo is special .

(Andrew Schofield) #18

This is precisely where personalised insights make sense. In your case an insight saying make fewer small shops is less useful as you don’t have much choice, for my circumstances it does make sense.

(Robin Guilleret) #19

Just been declined twice in petrol kiosk but curve card switched to monzo worked well so that’s a workaround

(Naji Esiri) #20

@Christophorus we’ll be presenting a lot more data using infographics like this in coming months. The iOS vs Android split would be a really interesting one to present :slightly_smiling_face:

(Andrew Schofield) #21

I’m confused :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t spend on Android or iOS, you spend on the card and given you can theoretically have both and Android and an iOS device signed in simultaneously I’m not sure what useful metrics you’re going to gain.