Your Year in Monzo 2020 is ready for you

Year in Monzo 2020 is now available in the app!

See your Year in Monzo

Year in Monzo shows you insights into how you spent, saved, shared money with friends and worked towards your financial goals over the last year. It’s private, but shareable if you like. (So no-one else will see your Year in Monzo unless you choose to share it.)

We wanted this year’s Year in Monzo to stay true to what we’ve done before, but there’s no getting away from the fact this hasn’t been a normal year for most people. Your relationship with money might have been more strained than normal, and at the very least you likely spent and saved differently than you have done in the past.

:new: What’s new?

We’ve kept some of the graphs and insights that people have enjoyed in the past, but there’s a distinct 2020 take on this year’s experience too. There’s less of a focus on travel (for obvious reasons) and more of a focus on how your spending behaviour changed as your lifestyle changed. Were you one of the people who spent more online and less in store? We’ll show you how that shifted over the course of the year.

If you’ve got Monzo Plus or Monzo Premium you’ll see insights based on some of the things you get with those accounts. Unfortunately we can’t do the same for Monzo Joint Accounts or Monzo Business Accounts just yet, but we’d love to for 2021.

See your Year in Monzo

:closed_lock_with_key: Private, but shareable

Don’t worry – your Year in Monzo is just between you and us unless you choose to share it. If you do, let us know what you think using #YearInMonzo! Let us know what else you’d like to see from your Year in Monzo next time too.

However you found 2020, everyone at Monzo sends you their best wishes for a safe and happy new year.


And by ready, I mean in 17 minutes :slight_smile:


More countdowns please! So much suspense :laughing:

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Ugh, yet another ‘release’ before it’s actually ready.

/s… don’t hate me I’m really excited for the next 8 minutes so I can see my year in monzo


I really do like the comparison of spending online vs offline this year!


Ugh, technically its available now… I imagine this may have been my fault for them posting this before its “officially” available :grimacing:

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Just going to cross topic threads here… But is its the '‘Exciting surprise’ we were teased in the app update information?

“Exciting Surprise” coming this week



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I’ve been trying to access it since Friday :sob: Some of it must have been restricted by date, or not fully live till today :eyes:




So, my Year In Monzo showed no surprises:

Spending on things that come close to “Stay Home”, and the number of in person transactions dropped considerably, then jumped up again after lockdown, then down again over Christmas :joy:

Also, shout out to Amazon for helping me with Christmas Presents.




My top tip to avoid McDonalds being your top place, put it in a different category (Takeaway for me) so now it looks like I didn’t go at all.


Ooh I wonder what happened in March/April?!

And apparently 1400 transactions made last year. That number surprised me!


Link in the app is broken.

It has a . in the HTTP

Hey there. Which link? I’ll have a look.

By the looks of it, this is broken if you use the features you pay for.

I don’t have any insights for Groceries (Because I use BigShop and LittleShop), eating out is skewed, nothing for Amazon probably because it has it’s own category.

Entertainment only works because I’d missed one transaction when moving things.

I’m not really sure how Monzo could get around this but seems to give worse insights if you use Plus/Premium.


So the only interesting bit for me is you can tell when my shielding began but then you can also see when I thought stuff it I’m going back outside to see the world.


So. I am a big joint accounts should have parity believer.

But as a personal account user with a joint account for shared flat stuff with partner (and last year for all flat bills with flatmates too) I actually wish my joint account hadn’t been included in my year in monzo.

My personal account is now heavily categorised with plus but including my JA spend which is mostly rent and doesn’t let me categorise properly ofc has led to this boring pie chart/breakdown:


burst out laughing, i feel like that response sums up half of the UK population at this point :rofl:

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