1st Day with Monzo

This is less of a question and more of a review.
I ordered my card yesterday and it was here before lunchtime, so that was a brilliant start. Pin number was texted to me shortly after activation, which again was great, as it meant I was ready to go instantly.
I took it to an ATM to change the pin number, and got the first log “pin change or balance check”.
I then went for a in shop transaction - they didn’t have contactless so I tried out the chip, all good and instant notification that I had spent the money.
I have also used it online. Initially I was a bit confused on what to put in the name box, but searching on the forum helped me with that one.
Attached the card to my Amazon account no problem.
Went to attached it to my PayPal and had an issue. I was amazed by the fast response from customer services at Monzo, all resolved in no time at all.
It has been a good first day. Already customer service better than any other bank I have dealt with. Cannot wait for the current account option to roll out. Keep up the good work!


Welcome to Monzo :slight_smile:


Ha. And then a personal welcome from the Founder and CEO @tom


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