Positive Feedback

I just wanted to make a shout out and feedback my positive experience with Monzo today :slight_smile:

I misplaced my “current account card” around the house today ( with another bank) .I knew it wasn’t officially lost, but that, meantime I needed access to my money, via contactless for use on the London Underground and for expenses this evening…

I quickly topped up my Monzo card and realised I forgot my pin.

I went into the app - pushed the pin button and almost instantly was connected to a member of your team by instant messenger. They responded to my pin request immediately, confirmed they could re-send my pin to my mobile. They go me through security - again via instant messaging- and then text me my pin, complete with best practice advice on changing my pin and deleting the text.

The speed of response was awesome! Also the advice, quick turnaround and the whole customer experience from Kevin was informative, welcoming and so different from my usual banking experience ( e.g. with a high street bank).

I loved the use of a few emoji’s in the message and felt very well taken care of through the process- it took ten mins to get a pin reminder!

I just wanted to say - way to go team monzo!

You made what could have been a very difficult day absolute problem free!



This is excellent. Reaffirms my thoughts on why I believe Monzo is the bank for me going forward. This post should be int he next newsletter.