First purchase with new Monzo card 😎

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There I was a couple of days ago, whinging here that I was disappointed my new Monzo card, when it arrived, wouldn’t have my name on,

My snazzy new coral card (I need sunglasses lol) arrived this morning and I had my first experience of customer service at Monzo - I forgot my pin! A quick message on chat with a very helpful customer service guy and he set up for me to use fingerprint access on my account, then I was able to log in to see my pin. Speedy and superb customer service (they may rival First Direct yet!)

I then made my first purchase, a boring purchase, 40 litres of cat litter. Payment went through faster than the speed of light, but what shocked me the most, an alert from Monzo popped up simultaneously to tell me my purchase on my account. Wow! Very cool, I like it.

I then fiddled around in the app, setting up budgets etc.

A fab first use of my new Monzo card.

I’ll even admit I can live without the name on my card till current accounts are live :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great to see everything working out well so far. I’m sure (like most of us now) that when the current accounts arrive and we all receive cards with names on it will be a bit weird!

Welcome to the club :monzo:

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On a more important note - how did the cat feel about you using Monzo to buy his loo roll?

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:smile: my girl Molly and my boy Nash were delighted Monzo worked on ZooPlus … they were just miffed I didn’t include a few cat toys in my purchase lol

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Thank You :smile: I’m glad to be part of the club :smile:

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Oh I thought this was quite a neat security feature, we all know our name right :slight_smile: it’s one less thing a potential fraudster / thief has after getting hold of your card… Is there is different legislation around current accounts or is this a choice, because enough people find it odd? :slight_smile:


You will be able to request a nameless card, yes :raised_hands:


I thought I read that the name isn’t actually needed when using the monzo card, so the fact that the theif wouldn’t know it is not really a security feature

It does let you use the card anonymously… :wink:

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I’ve actually tested this feature today. You can use a different name to yours, the transaction goes through no problem!

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Anecdotally, I know many people that would prefer a nameless card. Especially in this day and age when you can look anyone’s name up online and find out quite a bit of info about them.

The fact that our cards don’t have names on them, is my cousin’s favourite feature! :joy: He has a unique name, unique enough that he’s the only person in the world we’ve found with that name. And on top of that, he’s a hugely successful music producer and songwriter who has produced/written for some of the biggest selling artists in the world. So he doesn’t want random shopkeepers, bartenders, etc looking him up, he values his privacy quite a bit.

(Bob) #11

Okay, I’ll take a stab at Weird Al Yankovic :grinning:

(Simon B) #12

Ha. I don’t think “Weird” is legally his name, is it? And “Al Yankovic” probably isn’t that unique.

(Andrew Schofield) #13

It’s a pretty ordinary name: Alfred Matthew Yankovic


Can you hook a brother up :wink:

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