12 Months Free Deliveroo Plus with Amazon Prime

I didn’t see a thread for this, and thought a few people on here may be Amazon Prime subscribers.

You can now get 1 year free Deliveroo Plus……


That’s actually a pretty good addition to Prime. Deliveroo is my favourite for options, app design and rewards but delivery was always an issue for cost.

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Deliveries over £25 though, I’d never reach that :joy:


Never used them, despite a fraudulent transaction from them appearing on my credit card earlier this year.

I tend to use Just Eat, as their delivery prices are lower than Uber Eats.

Same here. I only ever order for one. And I ain’t THAT greedy :rofl:


I order for 2, eat both :joy:

Jokes aside, but yes 2 people, and still rarely hits £18 (McDonald’s fiend)


It’s their “couples” delivery option that you get. Generally we don’t go over £25 but every now and then we will do this would save us a bit.


It counts for groceries, too.

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Justeat also has amazing customer support where if the food is cold etc they refund you!

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Does that apply if you order ice cream?


Ah never thought of this, but is Morrisons or Tesco on there :joy:

See this is fine a few times but I haven’t used JustEat since I was utterly frustrated by their customer service.

Ordered KFC (don’t judge) of 10 mini fillets for £10 and received 10 spicy wings instead (which I really don’t like) - so a completely different product.


Nothing happening because 3 weeks earlier I didn’t receive a burger I ordered and received a partial refund on that.

Literally took it upwards at JustEat and they refused to refund or do anything despite a product I ordered not being received. In almost any other industry that would be instantly seen to/looked into.


I’ve had issues in the past with them but since it seems like they’ve re assessed their refunds process in line with Uber Eats which is sometimes automatic, but too many refund requests yes can cause a trigger.

Which is (somewhat) understandable to prevent fraud but I’d only ever had one other complaint.

Rather than put the onus on the consumer they should be checking their restaurant partners are fulfilling orders correctly.

You should never be paying money for items not received. It’s not much, but frankly KFC have £10 of mine and I got nothing in return (literally couldn’t even eat the things they sent!).

But good to hear they might have improved since :slight_smile:


We didn’t have food turn up once, even the map tracker said the driver disappeared miles away and they still called us a liar saying the food was delivered.

Makes it worse they ask for pictures and you send an empty plate in response.

We complained to the top and they still wouldn’t budge, but one in a million orders we’ve placed it’s no biggy, just frustrating over anything.

You should message just eat on Twitter imo the customer service is better than the real customer service since on Twitter it’s the actual head office. Strange I know.

If that fails attempt to contact kfc themselves and they’ll usually send you a voucher in the post.

I could have just been lucky as I rarely complain and these days rarely order takeout unless it’s needed as it can get pricey

Although certain restaurants like McDonald’s refund you without even speaking to someone you just tap on the item which was incorrect or had a issue due to a deal they have.

Ah it was a few months back now, but sometimes small experiences put a sour taste in your mouth

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I did that a while back for uber they claimed it’s been delivered but it hadn’t and they asked for evidence😂 sent a picture of the kitchen side and my belly saying as you can see the food isn’t here and I’m still hungry


That’s so true.
I tend to stay away when I’ve had a bad experience from anywhere


This is an interesting triple–up. I already get free Vitality through my life insurance. This got me an Watch for £69, as long as I achieved a certain number of steps five days in every week, which I easily do. These steps also contribute to free Amazon Prime, and this now gets me free Deliveroo Plus.

I use Deliveroo like Getir or Gorillas (none of those services reach me in Zone 3!) so now I’ll benefit from free delivery on a lot of my groceries.

Excellent work.


Nearly. Sainsbury’s and Co-op in my neck of the woods.

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