£10 when you open an account!

Dont like this at all :grimacing:

Has to be a better way to try and get customers that will stay instead of inflating the membership numbers this way.

Hmm, I don’t know. There’s potential for it being effective in two or three different ways and, if it works, why not? Without trying it, how do you find out if it works?

We’re still in the experimental phase at the minute anyway so I sort of expect something different to pop up like this every couple of weeks.


I can see why people find the timing of these sorts of growth plans frustrating. Surely it could lead to a dramatic increase in users at a time where Monzo is struggling to service its current user base.

IMO this should have been launched for January when everyone is skint after Christmas! Would have allowed a bit more time for Monzo to finish training the new team members.

Just my personal opinion.


That’s a slightly different potential issue I think, but I see how it could be a problem.

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Have we had any feedback from the various advertising campaigns/promos they’ve been running?

I think I saw on twitter that the sign up rate was still roughly the same as it’s always been (which would lead you to believe the marketing isn’t working).

Would love to see the stats if anyone has seen any?

The public stats show a definite increase and to does their twitter




and here

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That tweet was in response to Monzo specifically asking for people to retweet and see how many accounts they could get open in a single day.

Nothing to do with the marketing campaigns they have had running (at least, the tweet isn’t acknowledging the marketing).

As for the stats, I can’t see them/understand them fully on my phone, but it looks like it’s pretty steady growth - Perhaps a bit more “solid” in the past week or so, but haven’t they always been around the 3,000 accounts per day number?

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