Just received this email from my university union


This is what I like to see… hopefully I’ll start seeing more monzo cards when I’m not in London!


As long as they have teamed up and it’s not just somebody using their own link to make money :astonished:


When you follow the link it says

Leeds University Union and banking app Monzo have teamed up to offer a £5 incentive to the first 1000 members who sign up to the platform.

But yeah I can’t speak as to wether there’s anything official going on :thinking:

Further investigation (I.e clicking the link. :joy:) has led to this:

So it doesn’t seem to be a sketchy penny pinching scheme :sob:


Wonder if the student Union get the other £5? Great for them if they do


A quick google search suggests you can get it on


Hmm yeah, although if the union does make money off it I see that as a win-win. More students with Monzo which is good for managing finances and getting people in early and a students union with more money which is also good for us all at the uni :hugs:
Although I can’t say they definitely do make money, just thought it was interesting to see

Won’t happen at my place, we’ve got a S*ntander on campus… :fire:

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Yeah well we still have one of those too unfortunately…

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I’ve seen more coral cards around than red ones :wink:

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