New Android user sign ups

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having just read some reviews in Google Play store about the app , there seems to be a lot of negativity about the £100 top up , just as there was for iPhone users - how do you get over this ?

The 100 quid is still yours,

Its your money to use there and then the moment you receive your card

its not a fee to use the card,

if you want to you can withdraw the money as soon as the card arrives, put the money back in your legacy bank and keep the card in your wallet / purse as a “hot coral” show piece, but thats not quite the idea why you signed up wanting to Try a new kind of banking - some reviews think that Monzo hold the money so its a free loan to Monzo - its not, its held at Wirecard until Monzo gets its full licence early next year.

see the linked topic below for the exact same discussion from July from iPhone users

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also please if you’re a new Android user you might like to sign up for Monzo status updates via SMS rather than assuming its your phone with the problem

here - no cost :wink: lets you know if Monzo has a problem with its service - subscribe to updates top right hand corner

(Marc Laurens) #3

I received my invitation to update today after having downloaded the app a week or so ago.

Naturally I was slightly skeptical but on reading the forum and some blog posts felt pretty ok about the 100 debit load. I’d Imagine the reason for it being a hundred is that there’s an overhead associated with the load , i.e fees and the fact of them being manually input each morning.

Maybe consider having the sms activation code be read automatically by android?