£1 Pre Auth Payments

So here’s an interesting point. I recently put in petrol at a Pay at Pump machine and put in £24. I got £1 charge which flashed up on my phone as you would expect. Today I’ve been charged £24. Now in total I’ve been charged £25. Does the extra £1 come back as a refund at some time? Or does it disappear on it own and I get £1 extra showing in my bank account? I’ve never noticed or thought about but now since getting real time notifications I’m aware if incoming and outgoings.

I think it drops off after 7 days as they won’t actually collect it


Did ASDA ever go through with their trial of charging £99 for authorisation? Remember a lot of fuss when it was announced!

It’s not an Asda thing, it was MasterCard and Visa trying to bring us in line with the rest of Europe. They’ll all have to implement it eventually


£99 seems a bit excessive IMO. Alot of people may only be able to put in £5 for example but get charged £99 and pushed into their overdraft (if they have one)

Edit: I don’t disagree with you, it’s a lot and makes pay at pump less accessible, however,

In this case surely they could just go and pay inside, rather than choose to use pay at pump?

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Not all have that option, our local Asda is unmanned, just have the pay at the pump

I’ll never understand why pay at pump doesn’t just charge the right amount at the time.


Wow - didn’t realise it had gone that way.

Couldn’t we just adopt the European model of paying in advance for the amount you want to fill up, and then the pump only dispensing up to that amount?

Annoying with a rental car when you’re guessing how much you need to fill the tank, but I suppose with your own car you’d soon learn what you need.

I’d miss the game of trying to hit a round number though…


@daniel did a great post on how it’s supposed to work here :arrow_forward:


For this reason, overdrafts are legally only able to be charged on settled amounts. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @Rika,

This is a hot topic on the Starling forum right now.

Can I just check, Daniel talks about some banks not allowing partial auths - I’m assuming Monzo do allow this,

Have the only pay at pump declines been when the customer doesn’t have enough money in their account (less than £99), no overdraft, and the pump wants to authorise the full £99?

I had Monzo decline a pay at pump £1 authorisation. It would’ve let me vend up to £99 I think.

Monzo support didn’t tell me how much I would’ve needed in my account for it to be authorised.

Did you have less than £99 in your account (and did you have an overdraft?)

We do indeed. Our authorisation processor is fully set up to handle the proper fuel dispensing flow where implemented.

Edit: After a chat internally, we’d still need to finish up a few last things for all possible cases of the full flow. :sweat_smile:


Could someone explain please why can’t a pump charge us ‘normally’? I mean that the amount is simply debited from the card like in a shop.

I sure there is a ‘valid’ reason and would be interested to know :slight_smile:

Do you know if any UK AFDs implement this yet?

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Because you can fill up more than you can pay for, or you could fill up and just not pay.

The idea behind the £1 thing is to make sure it’s an active and valid card and that they can claim the actual cost from that after. They have your account details.

The £99 charge makes sure you have enough to cover the potential need for a full tank. At least that’s what I assume.

There was a scam where people had huge modified tanks and were essentially stealing huge amounts of fuel

I get it - and it is what I thought although I presumed there would also be somekind of technical reason. TBH if you wanted to scam just use the pay in shop option and leave. Even if you are honest and wanted to pay at the shop you could pump your fuel only to realise then at the counter that you don’t have money/card is invalid/pin/etc.

On the same basics should we have our cards preaprove £99+ when going to the restaurant?

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Generally people in restaurants aren’t standing by the front door of a fast moving vehicle to quickly put distance between them and the bill :yum: