Petrol Station Payments

I’ve done a search and I can’t find that it’s been asked before.

Every time I use a Self serve petrol pump you get that initial £1 pre-charge but then the total fuel bill isn’t charged straight away (The app notification says it may take days) For me this is a bit of a pain as I like to know exactly what I have in my bank and pending payments that don’t show for a while are annoying.

My Suggestion/ Idea is, can we have a feature where you can manual add the payment so it takes off your balance and then when the payment finally appears on your statement it then corrects itself, I know it sounds like a lot of effort for something that is only an issue for 1 or 2 days but for me it’s the only sticking point I have and I know the way the payment works isn’t Monzo’s fault.

For a petrol station it should reserve £99 and give the final amount within a few seconds/minutes… those are visa/mastercard rules for petrol stations. Should be true of most of them now, so it’s a problem that’s going away.

The only PAP I know of that will only allow you to take what you have in ur account are at Costco.

Majority take £1 as a preauth still but should really be taking £99, Monzo generally update-overnight.

I will say I have not been to any fuel station since feb :joy:

Yeah I’ve been known in the past to get petrol the day before pay day and the value of the fuel was more than what I had in my account but knew it would cost a £1 today and then the next day it would be charged when I had more money, this was before the get paid early feature.

It has been suggested a few times in the past. Here is the oldest topic I could find and within someone claims it would be against bookkeeping regulations.

Yes that’s essentially what I was looking for, surely is no different to putting a personal note on a transaction for personal record and then when the payment fully completes it overrides that user manipulation.

My local morrisons still charges £1 pre auth but then updates instantly

The outrage when the £99 one happened caused massive kiosk queues and customer complaints so alot of stores still use the old system or this halfway house one that morrisons use.

My main advice would be if the £99 becomes normal is to use a credit card so its not your money they hold for a few days and pay it off in full.

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I have only ever managed to get a delay payment being taken was using legacy account took like 4 days to update :joy:

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I experienced the newer system for the first time a few days ago in Austria. I was driving so I obviously couldn’t see how quickly it updated, but it was showing the correct amount by the time I arrived at my destination. Thought it was pretty neat actually.

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I experienced this In Holland last year but it didn’t like my card so rejected access.

as above

i have used Morrisons and thay do take £1 but at time of driving away account updates with full amout i put in car.

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