1.9.20 now live

(Jason Smith) #21

Hi Guys,

The replacement card feature and Monzo.me are in this build but its held back server side, should be enabled soon.

(Michael) #22

All of the previous features that “weren’t working” now seem to be fully enabled in the TestFlight:

(Harry) #23

Correct - so happy Monzo.me is back!

(Caspar) #24

Yaaas for monzo.me returning!

Where is the request new card bit? Not that I need to. Do you need to freeze your card first?

(Harry) #25

Yeah freeze and it appears :slight_smile:

(Nicholas Carter) #26

I absolutely love the release notes <3

(Frank) #27

Would be great if Monzo.me allowed you to request in app from another Monzo user. Rather than having to send them a link :+1:t2:

(benjaminlbowles) #28

My biggest question: when will the “fake” card within the account pane get updated to the latest version of the mastercard logo?

(Aj) #29

Anyone fill me in here?

Is the test version only available to investors? Id love to get in on the test version and help provide constructive feedback and also try the new features being added.


Testflight builds are open to all, not sure of the best way to get added but maybe drop a line through in-app support.


For those that want it this is a welcome addition. But I’m surprised to see that my data is not encrypted when the app is closed. Should I be worried about this? What are the implications?


And what is this notification? I can’t see what it’s telling me and I can’t get rid of it? :thinking:

(Adam Heath) #33

I’m also getting this. I hate notifications when I can’t clear them. It’s driving me mad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

EDIT: Got it! It wants you to click on the pots feature (e.g. go to create a new one) - once I did that it went away… Phew! :sweat_smile:

(MikeF) #34

That’s been there all the way through since the start of the CA preview… :smiley:


Has it?

So why do so many people complain about no App security? :thinking:

(MikeF) #36

I’va always assumed they were the Android users since it hasn’t been implemented there.


The complaint is also that there is no PIN option.


Gotta love a complaint :neutral_face:

(MikeF) #39

The ‘Payments with friends’ option is new, however, which answers some people’s issues over Monzo having access to their contacts. While I generally don’t like oodles of configuration options in an app, in this situation it does seem to be the best compromise.


The ‘Touch ID’ stuff should be renamed to ‘Biometric ID’ or similar.