Zeux - New fintech disruptor - Discussion

A couple of friends got early access and showed me this new app Zeux. Seems fairly sleek, interesting offering than most digital banking, investments and can pay with crypto with Apple Pay. My mate showed me him paying with Bitcoin at McDonald’s, gotta say I thought it was pretty cool.

I’ve downloaded it and got a code from their website. Gonna try it out this weekend. Anyone else used them yet?

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Just to save people Googling it…


Nice one Dan. Forgot to add :+1:

Phew. I was getting concerned it didn’t mention using the blockchain but I found it mentioned eventually


You know what the mint and dark colour reminds me of…Viola black


Nah, not them😁



I did that as well :sob::rofl:

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The number of current directors is surprisingly small. It’s either 2 people with exactly the same name or just 1 person :thinking:

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It’s one person acting as both director and secretary.

Current and previous directors are/were both Chinese, I don’t know if that’s suppose to be a red flag in the current digital cold war.

This market place is getting crowded super quick. Its both a good thing as I can see a lot of benefits from the competition, but as with all competition there are always looser, I’d hate to be an account user of one of the losers…

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Just thought I’d give an update from the weekend. Seems pretty solid, I particularly like the icons, clean nothing fancy. Doesn’t have a physical card so had to add it to my Apple Pay, which was fairly straightforward. Topped up with a tenner to see if it works, popped down to my tescos and beeped it. All worked well.

From what I can see it has crypto wallets and investment products, I haven’t tried those yet but they had some offering 6% interest - gonna look at that. Need to ask my mate about getting some Bitcoin, quite interested to try paying with it.

Will keep you all updated

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Looks promising. Signed up and currently 119th in a queue. How long did it take to be approved?

Mine took about 4/5 days

There is a bit of a time delay when in the screen for adding Apple Pay and viewing card details, couldn’t even press logout :joy: managed to leave that screen then go back in and managed to click the various links etc.

Add card to Apple Pay but had to manually enter all details as no physical card yet, although you can copy the card number in app the Apple wallet allows you to click paste but nothing appears, so can only assume the copy never work or Apple wallet even though gives option to paste doesn’t :wink:

As Monzo is my main account and I have a Dozens account they are both MasterCard and this is Visa which is good just waiting for JaJa now :joy:

Don’t want to make this about race, but it’s a bit unfair to make this comment? Are we saying because Revolut Director is Russian we shouldn’t trust the company due to Russian spy allegations. I’d hope the fintech community is more welcoming of different nationalities. Competition is healthy.


It is indeed but that seems to be the narrative coming from the government/media. Revolut’s l founder’s links to Russia are causing them issues with their banking license, companies linked to China are getting blocked from certain projects.

In the interest of transparency, are you affiliated with this brand in some way?

Nope, I would consider myself to be an early adopter though. I was an early sign up for monzo, which was awesome at the time. Then I got revolut, Pockit,and so on. Got dozens too, just trying them all out. I just like that fact that fintechs are just trying to make real change. I didn’t realise there was a ‘fintech’ chat in the forums until recently so wanted to contribute.

no physical card

Nah I’m good. :slight_smile: Makes this useless for international travel, a bunch of small shops, emergency cash withdrawal, etc. Also is it cheeky to say that the app looks like a Starling rip-off?

Nice it’s a visa! Just what I needed.

Also: Zeux will be available in the rest of Europe later this year and the rest of the world in 2020.

No worries, I was just curious as it was your first post on the forum. Welcome :wave: