Yoyo debit

(Kristina) #1

I’ve activated my card tonight and on the app I already have a debit from Yoyo. I’m not sure if this is a test as I haven’t had anything else come with the card to know for sure. It’s only a small amount but even still, I wasn’t expecting it. Is it normal? Thanks :slight_smile:

(Marta) #2

I’m not sure what Yoyo is, but if it wasn’t you then you should contact Monzo via in-app chat and explain concerns. :slight_smile:

(Kristina) #3

Not me as far as I know! I only registered the card at any 21:00 last night and within an hour there was the debit. I hadn’t gone anywhere or purchased anything! Thanks for the response :grin:

(Jonathon) #4

As in this Yoyo: www.yoyowallet.com

Did you link your Monzo card to Yoyo and then spend using this?

(Colin Robinson) #5

Probably an authorisation check to prove to them that the card number is correct - these usually disappear in a few days but if you talk to help in the app they may be able to remove it for you.

(Christos) #6

If you make purchases through the Cafe Nero app, they show up as Yoyo. Just saying…

(Kristina) #7

Thanks everyone :+1:. I’ve had an online chat with Monzo and they have confirmed that YoYo wallet is a payment collector as some of your responses confirm. Looking back at what else I activated last night, indeed the Caffe Nero app was one of those and I did add my Monzo card to the app. But I was at home, in bed, and certainly didn’t get a coffee :coffee: for my trouble :rofl: I realise this may just be a test from YoYo/ Caffe Nero, but I can’t see anything on the Ts & Cs to confirm this happens or when I get it back. I’ll keep you updated. :grin:

(Marta) #8

Well, you might want to get used to it! :smiley: Monzo is much more open and informative about all of your transactions than your average, sleazy bank. Not only 99,99% transactions are immediate (TfL is one of the exceptions), it’s also never hidden from your view. You don’t have to tab around to get clear picture - look at balance, then go to pending transactions tab, do the math and then forget it 10s later. :smiley:

Welcome to our community and I hope you stay for a bit! :star_struck: :smile_cat: