You've vs We've of push notifications

(Jeremy) #1

Currently push notifications state “you’ve spent £XX today” I completely agree that this is fine and issues ownership of the expenditure to the user.

However, in creating a connection with the user/ customer would the change of wording from “you’ve” to “we’ve” be better? Especially when adding saving or reduced expenditure notifications, as it claims (at least) partial responsibility for the good behaviour to Mondo and the app and would show benefit of using Mondo over other providers?

I am undecided myself over the position I feel that Mondo should take: financial responsibility should lie with the user/ customer, however I see benefit of a “we are in this together” mentality and the relationships this can build, hence the raising of the discussion point.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Disclaimer: I’m not a native speaker.

Interesting observation. I do see the cool nuance that using “we” could bring, making feel budgets a bit more personal. Something to explore, thanks!

However, when using an app I think it’s important to keep boundries and stand usability over on-brand tone of voice. We (the app and Mondo people) and you (the lovely user).

If we say “we are sorry”, “we’ve just made a mistake” or “we’ve detected suspicious activity on your account, do you have 5 mins for a quick chat?” it should be perfectly clear what “we” are we talking about. If we overuse the use of “we” that kind of message may get lost for some people.

I think of Mondo like a nice sat-nav. The magic enables you to take better decisions but ultimately “you” are the driver, right?

“You’ve arrived to your destination” :slight_smile:

(Tom Whitwell) #3

I agree that “we” is quite a ‘fun’ way to bring brand and customer together, but it could give the wrong impression - especially as we (haha) are talking money.

I don’t think that Mondo should define any spending that I do as part of theirs. I would say “we” if i go out with a friend and we split a bill, or if i were to buy a house with my partner - that would be a we spend situation.

But I think referring to “You have spent £10 on a box of cookies” would be more appropriate in this situation. I would like like to take ownership of my own spending, but if Mondo were to help me with reducing that, it would be nicer, I agree, for that to be a “We” situation.

(Dan V) #4

Yeah I think there’s room for a split across both but like @tnwhitwell says if I’ve spent the money the notification should be a “you’ve”.

For other things, where there isn’t the direct expenditure of funds, “we’ve” would be totally appropriate.