Spending notifications?

Noticed some changes to spending notifications today…

On your card today…
Or maybe I’m wrong?

Mmmm I think it’s right tbh because you pay online on your card so I’d say it’s still ok

I’ve always had it say “on your card today”. That wording feels a bit wonky to me, personally, but that’s how I’ve always seen it.

Screenshot from Google:

I had same notifications before…

I noticed the change last week I think but not sure how long it’s been like that

It’s been this way for a while for me, and I prefer it as it stopped counting payments I was sending between my accounts on payday.

A/B testing?

I noticed this change recently too.

It’s handy because it now doesn’t include my transfers to our joint account for mortgage/bills. “You have spent £724 today” was alarming and not useful.


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