You've saved more than £1,000,000 through Coin Jar so far!

(Dan) #6

Don’t let @Danny hear you saying that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Adam Kendrew) #7

This is the reason why I’ve never used it. I like having a tidy feed. :pensive:

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #8

That just seems to negate the purpose of the Coin Jar for me, as I use it to keep my balances clear of extra pennies and just keep to whole pounds only. That said, I wouldn’t object to being able to say “round up to nearest pound, and add an extra X pounds to the pot as well”. That would certainly speed up the Coin Jar growth.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

I’ve never seen a user request that functionality & there’s a been a lot of ideas -

Coin Jar style Personal Finance Management Strategies and Ideas

We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)
(Peter Shillito) #10

can you invest another few days improving it

I think that’s a bit unfair on the developers. To do what they’re trying to involves quite a few new things that the app doesn’t currently do (as far as I know). e.g. layering icons (company logo and coin jar icon on top) and combined feed items (marking the roundup in addition to the actual transaction amount either on the same line or a combined figure). I can fully understand it being awkward to program.

(simon) #11

Some more details, that explain why it’s not so simple…

One of the principals that we hold dear from a design/UX point of view, is that what you see in your feed should add up to your current balance.
We could have simply made our feed generator not create a feed item for Coin Jar transactions, but this would break that principal.

Good is the Enemy of Great

Instead what we want to do is have feed items represent transactions, and transactions representing one or potentially multiple movements of money. So one transaction could represent both the card payment, and the movement of money into your coin-jar.

Once we do this you’ll see that your purchases really are “rounded up”… So spending £3.50 at Pret, will appear as £4- (Pret), with a subscript (50p also saved to your coin jar).

This piece of work is something we call Asynchronous Transactions and is a big ticket item on our road map. It enables many many more cool things :tada:

We’ll make the Coin Jar of your dreams once this piece of work is done.

We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)
Deleting Coin Jar
(Cheryl) #12

Big fan of Coin Jar. Any significant amounts of spare money at put into a holiday fund manually, or will be transferred into my pension. Anything coming through Coin Jar goes into a personal savings account.

Meanwhile, those few transactions that aren’t eligible for coin jar and that then send my balance to something other than a whole number, I will manually transfer the odd pennies over to yet another pot and they become pocket money for my daughter.

Working fantastic so far.

(Ben Harris) #13

Have you got a mock up of this so we can see what it looks like? I still think it’s useful to see the actual transaction amount in the feed, and can’t work out from this if that will be the case.

(Alex Sherwood) #14

There’s a sneak peak of the new design in the app, I’ll just grab the screenshots.

Edit - actually, it’s broken :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ben Harris) #15

Also - I think coin jar is a genuinely great feature. So thanks!

(simon) #16

The little dots on the logo (badging it’s called) indicate there’s more details or that the transaction is special in some way.

ApplePay Flag
Coin Jar - Home Page Consolidation
(Peter Shillito) #17

transactions representing one or potentially multiple movements of money

more details or that the transaction is special in some way

Am I right in thinking badging could be used to indicate you split the cost with a friend and it merged into one feed item? That way there isn’t a transaction of the bigger amount, then another feed item showing someone paid some money? I can see a lot of potential for “badging”.

(Dan) #18

Does the little Camera icon on the first 2 screenshots mean custom images for pots is coming :wink:


@alexs well now you’ve seen it then!

Also, there have been many requests that are the same principle as accelerating round ups. Requests to make round ups larger in any shape or form constitutes accelerated saving & I’ll think you’ll find there have been many requests for this based on such a definition.

@tbutz I respect how you use Coin Jar to round off your balance, but I don’t think that’s it primary use case. It’s more of a micro-saving product.

Nothing I said was “unfair”. We live in a capitalist market when competition exists that is good for both companies and consumers.

Monzo have repeatedly said they can work on multiple different features simultaneously. I propose this engineer puts more time into the great Coin Jar he created in a few days or that Monzo reallocate another engineer to help him out. Coin Jar shouldn’t be on the backburner.

(Peter Shillito) #20

I had an issue with “another few days” making it sound like it’s a piece of cake to just get it sorted, but the developer(s) have been told not to finish it off, when it’s actually a more in-depth feature to get working right that may take months to get all the backend stuff working. The initial feature might have been easy to implement, but perfecting it will take time.

We live in a capitalist market when competition exists that is good for both companies and consumers.

How is this relevant at all to what either you or I said lol?


I think it’s relevant because you were going on about “fairness”. If Revolut can crank out Vault updates while expanding globally, I’ll be damned if Monzo thinks it’s fine to put a popular feature on the backburner, especially when it only took 1 engineer & a few days to create.

(Alex Sherwood) #22

Yes & it looks like you’ve only requested it because Revolut’s done it, not because you really need it :slight_smile:

There have?

(Ian Turnock) #23

Really love this feature and it’s not a massive issue seeing them in the transactions list. Prefer for them not to show but not a dealbreaker for me.


My last clarification on this topic, as a user of both Monzo & Revolut I have uses from both & affinities for both. They’re currently complimentary products for me.

However, as Monzo is my primary spending app it does pain me to see how good Vault Jar is compared to Coin Jar. It doesn’t help that Coin Jar is now on the backburner.

I requested this feature precisely because I want it, which is more than sufficient. I love Coin Jar but will love it more with more iterations in a similar vain to Revolut. Is this satisfactory for you?

(Peter Shillito) #25

I guess, as a developer myself, when I’ve done something quickly, then get asked to make a change and everyone assumes it’s piss easy when it’s actually a pain in the butt to do. It then inevitably takes longer, then people complain that it took longer than the initial thing because they don’t understand how the development process works.