YouTube Music Album art

Looking for some help with something that is driving me bonkers. I currently use Google Play Music but have started moving my library over to YouTube music. With GPM I would get album art on the lock screen.

But with YTM I don’t get the album art. This in itself isn’t major but I just prefer it.

Anyone got any ideas how to sort it? GPM has a switch within the settings to activate it but there isn’t the same in YTM. I’ve searched various threads online but can’t find a solution. I’m using EMUI10 if that makes a difference.


Isn’t this just down the YouTube Music app?

IM not sure I quite get your question but if you mean is it just down to the YTM app, I’ve seen some posts where some people have the album art and others don’t so it must be possible.

Did you check the app and/or lockscreen settings?

Yep. I cant see any settings within the app and lock screen settings are no different to the Google play music settings. It could just be an EMUI thing with YTM maybe.

I assumed this was just how the app was coded. I pretty much just use Spotify, no idea how YTM works