Phone Lock & Home Screen

I’m always interested in how people have the Home Screen set up and also Lock Screen widgets too.

I also have a giant folder of wallpapers too but right now I’m using the McLaren F1 wallpaper from the Canadian GP.

Would love to see everyone’s setup!

Very boring for me. :joy:

Mine is pretty boring too

Would have shown page 1, but i’m using a FindMy widget… didn’t feel like blurring that

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All those offloaded apps hurt my soul


I should probably just delete them

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I have a heap of them too but banished from my home screens to that grey and murky area of all apps


I use my phone for both work and personal, and there are things I simply can’t share across all pages, so I can’t share a screenshot but I can explain it.

I use Android.
Lock screen is just simply the date and time, with any “important” notifications" only. I have Google Wallet and Calculator as my lockscreen shortcuts.
On my homescreen, I have all of my most used apps, with a “at a glance” widget at the top which shows weather, next calendar event and most recent notification.
Page 2 of my homescreen is purely a fullscreen widget showing my calendar.

I have a folder that contains any wallpapers I want to use. A random wallpaper is chosen from this folder and is set as my wallpaper everytime I lock my phone (both lock and home use the same image for consistency).
Wallpapers vary between friends and family, pets and gaming related images.

I should delete the shortcuts and use the app library, but the search is…unreliable in iOS 17 beta 3… it just doesn’t work sometimes, unless you search, then exit, got back in and search again :smiley:

I do miss Android sometimes, just moving over is a bit of a pain

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Wild rift nice :heart_eyes:

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Is that the cloud arrow icon? I have some but that’s from those imported from android and pre installed kinda thing as I had them on the other device, just not actually installed them.

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Yes, the down arrow is the ‘off loaded’ apps - iOS will ‘offload them’ if not used for over 3 months I think

You can click them to re-download them

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  • android has entered the chat

Thread feels nostalgic for me as Android has been able to fully custom the home and lock screen for the last decade. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s going to be personal preference, I hate the screenshots above. I like the Apple way. On my Pixel 4a I feel like I can’t get the home screen to how I want it to despite the fabled customisation because the widgets are all janky ass sizes and can’t fit properly together.


I knew the thread would go downhill sooner or later :frowning:


It’s about to get worse! Here’s my android ones

Any guesses for what film I like :smiley:

That makes me want to hook my own eyes out with a rusty fork.


Those emails :melting_face:

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The inclusion of the Coutts app is a particular flex

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