First weekend with Mondo card!

Just finished my first weekend with my new brightly coloured Mondo card.

First impressions are excellent! I love the simplicity of the app and the speed of which transactions show up. I currently use the OnTrees app linked to my Halifax account to categorise spending etc. It works well but I’m still waiting for payments I made last Friday to change from the ‘pending’ state. Compare this to shopping at Tesco today, the Mondo app alerted me of the payment as soon as I removed my card from the chip and pin machine. Having everything instantly up to date is brilliant.

Looking through the forum I love the openness of the Mondo team, especially the Sneak Peak area. The holiday post looks great, but sadly don’t think it will be implemented before my holiday at the end of April.

I also like the suggestion of pockets/savings buckets as a way to separate money for small savings such as car insurance etc.

So overall, really impressed so far and look forward to seeing what happens in the near future.

Kristian (one happy Mondonaut)


Thanks Kristian! Please keep the feedback coming :slight_smile: