You need to improve clarity around transfering ISAs

Transferring ISAs away from Monzo is proving to be an absolute goddamed headache. This is something that should be streamlined because of how often ISA rates fluctuate and taking up customer service’s time with constant messages helps no one achieve what should be a relatively automated pipeline.

Having attempted three times to move it away from Monzo, I’m not being told that Monzo can’t do electronic transfers and need a signed copy. This is absurd given that Monzo do not actually have my signature on record anywhere as well as:

  1. not stating this is required in the FAQs
  2. customer services not seemingly being aware this is required

How this wasn’t on the agenda to streamline after it was clear ISA rates were going to be slashed is beyond me. Monzo, get your act together and sort this out because it really is a pain in the ass that’s required literally hours of waiting for customers services to give incorrect responses.