ISA transfers from other providers

There doesn’t seem to be a thread on this in the feedback & ideas section, so I’ve created one!

Vote if you think Monzo should add the ability to transfer your ISA from another provider to ISAs available within the Monzo app.

I wonder if that’s a Monzo thing or an ISA provider thing? Or maybe both?

From a customer perspective, it doesn’t really matter I guess.

The external provider who would be the source of the transfer has to allow transfer out. I believe this is a requirement of offering an ISA.

On the destination side it’s a choice rather than a requirement whether to offer transfer in. Presumably there would need to be some coordination/cooperation between Monzo and the 3rd party providers available in the Monzo marketplace, which I guess is what you’re referring to. I assume the onus would be on Monzo to lead this so the user experience is unified across providers.