You choose the date range

(Paul) #1

it would be great if you could select the date range yourself (I.e. Pay day) so you can see your financial monthly spend rather than the calendar month

(Ross) #2

Love this idea! Definitely something I’d find useful

(George) #3

a way to say “until payday” would be cool. Pariti manage to factor this in to their app quite well.

(Max Catling) #4

As Greto has said below - It would be great to have an option to tag a topup “until payday”, and for Mondo to work out from that information your average daily affordability.

For example, if my payday is the first of every month and I top up £500 on the first of July, Mondo would work out that I could afford to spend on £16.66 per day, if I overspent it would let me know and readjust based upon my balance