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You’ve outdone yourselves!


I know I’m gonna sound like a broken record, and I’m sure this is boring to a lot of you…

But I just feel like the below picture from the Monzo blog lacks class, and crosses the border between “fun, friendly bank” and into the “social media BS” type stuff.

The whole blog would have been just as good without needing to include that (and it feels like it’s a little forced at this point, like they have to include something “edgy”).

Just my opinion of course - Maybe I’m just too boring these days! :smiley:


Yeah I don’t like seeing her face either.


I agree but because of the language in the Tweet. I don’t get offended by bad language like this, but I see as unprofessional to include something like this.

Besides, the blackhole one is much better.


Oh jeez, I’m not offended by it don’t worry :joy:

I just don’t think it’s needed - It will undoubtedly put some people off (I mean, everything annoys someone these days, right?), and like you said, it just looks unprofessional.

Put it this way, my parents (or any of their friends) wouldn’t read that and think Monzo were being clever - They’d just see them as a small time operation with little professionalism…


We definitely need to ramp up the class.

I need to see pot images of Skiing trips, and weeks spent in the Côte d’Azur, annual boarding school fees for the twins, and lunch at the Savoy with Mimsy and Ella.


Zoomers love a meme but. Boomers may not be so into Monzo in the first place.

I have no clue what a zoomer or a boomer is. I feel so old.

I agree - I guess my point was that is this somehow appealing to the target demographic? Or is it just potentially alienating a much larger part of the potential customer base.

I’d suggest the latter - But what do I know? :smiley:

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Keep the humour, it’s great :+1:

Generation Z and the Baby Boomers. It’s the culture war of our times.

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The picture does not bother me, however i do think they could have been more neutral with the picture.

I’m 26, should I know what they are?? Am I losing touch ALREADY!?


I’m guessing the demographic that Monzo are aiming for as a primary market is likely ok with this… those pesky Monzoomers!

The tweet should definitely have been cut off - it’s simply crude. The image though does have a comical aspect to it, regardless of political alignment or views, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a quick laugh at it.

I agree.

The swearing part makes no sense in context and isn’t really necessary. Undoubtedly funny, undoubtedly, traditionally speaking anyway, unprofessional, but not sure I care that much either way!

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I think whilst unprofessional from what we think of “traditional” banks that is sort of what Monzo are going for - they wan’t to be a little different and “out there” - Maybe not so out there as EMMA because those tweets about consent where a little bit too much.

I’m fine with a little jibe at the expensive of politicians, what they do need to ensure though is that they play both sides, otherwise you get into accusations of Monzo having some form of political bias and all that stuff which I would say isn’t great.

This definitely isn’t as bad as the Drugs blog post - that I feel overstepped the mark a tad.