You can now add your own images to Pots, and you've been taking full advantage

Keep sharing your custom Pots with us!


We’ll be bringing this feature to Android in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates!



Fantastic stuff! :tada: Still eagerly awaiting the Android release :grin: Fingers crossed for the next beta :wink:

Already got some fun ideas lined up :joy: And I’ve definitely taken some inspiration from this thread: Custom Pot images - show off your best! :boom:

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And grab/share some images here - Custom Pot - images to use


… weeks ??? WEEKS ??? :cry:

Is this longer than the almost never ending and very frustracting wait with “:soon:” ?

It must be because it was built in the developer’s free Friday.

Shame Android have to wait so long for it, or potentially not get this functionality at all. Like custom search.

It’s definitely coming to Android soon.

Me, waiting patiently:


If nothing unexpected comes up, it will come in version 2.41 which should be on the Play Store on the 1st/2nd of April. Of course this can change at any time.

Btw in the current version you also have a map visualisation of all the places you’ve spent money! It’s in your profile screen, and it’s only on Android :wink:


Thanks, Bruno, for this info. Looking forward :+1:.

Just found the maps feature, pretty cool idea! :+1:

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