YNAB and Shared Tabs

How do you YNAB users out there deal with Shared Tabs?

I have a running Shared Tab with my partner for sharing household expenses but I can see it getting complicated quite quickly as it mixes everything up. So I’m thinking I might break the Shared Tab into multiple Shared Tabs to better reflect my category breakdown in YNAB.

I have a category for my partner and just assign what he owes from a transaction to that. That way I can easily see the overall amount he owes me. There may be better/more efficient ways of doing it though.

With bill splitting I assign his part of the transaction to his category, and then when he pays me I assign that to the same category so it balances out. Ultimately I don’t see the point of splitting this out into separate tabs because I want to monitor my own spending, not his.

(I utilise the notes field to keep track of what each transaction was for.)

Open to better suggestions for managing it though! :slight_smile:

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Ah I see, yes that’s one way to do it. I was thinking I didn’t want to do it like that because my reports wouldn’t then provide a proper breakdown of my expenses. So for instance my reports would show that I would be paying the entire rent for our place, whereas I actually pay half. Perhaps I’m being too precious about reports though.

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