Shared tabs or Joint account. Which do you use?

We both signed up the joint accounts when it came out and used it for a bit. But now there’s shared tabs we are both using that to split spending from our main accounts - its gives us both a much better picture of our spending (without having to browse two accounts) at the cost of a few clicks for each spend (I’d love to be able to have a shortcut for this & maybe automate this for recurring bills).

Curious if others are doing the same?

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Hmmmm…hadn’t thought of doing that. Using both joint and solo accounts at the same time make it too easy to break budgets, this night be with a go.

Everything gets put in joint account so only use shared tabs with family etc, wife only uses her own account when I give her birthday money :joy:

We use joint account for household bills, but shared tab for everyday joint expenses such as groceries, going out etc.

Both salaries paid into a joint account, a chunk then transferred to another joint account for all regular bills and a further sum transferred to each of us for personal spends. What left in the original joint account pays for food, travel, household etc.

Hey, I thought that I would ask you this question as you appear to be utilising the feature; I’d like to open a shared Monzo tab with my boyfriend as we both pay for joint things and use Monzo so it would be great to be able to use the app to keep track.

My question is, if I start a shared tab on my Monzo account for items that I have paid for, can my boyfriend also add his expenses onto the same shared tab from his Monzo account?

Thank you in advance!


Yes. Anyone who is a member of a Shared Tab can add transactions to the Shared Tab.

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