Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (!)

Flagship Snapdragon 845 chip :white_check_mark:
Full screen display with no notch :white_check_mark:
Huge amount of RAM (up to 10GB!!!) :white_check_mark:

Seriously impressive.


Those Specs :hushed::hushed:!!!


10GB RAM!!!

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Genuine question, what would 10GB of RAM accomplish in a phone?

Does the RAM have more of an impact on Android than iOS?

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I got really excited when I saw a full screen display with no notch only to then find out that the camera slides out :pensive:

Still a very impressive device overall

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Exactly what I was thinking!? Can any app currently available use or even need anywhere near that amount of RAM?

Fab specs! But as @nickh mentions not sure what you’d be able to accomplish with that much RAM over say the current standard for flag ships. Seems more about looking good on paper than any practical use.

Love the design/colours! Personally I’d prefer a notch to sliding out the camera :confused: I just imagine it being fiddly especially with a case.

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It might open my Starling app a bit quicker :joy:


Are transactions still loaded upon the opening of the transaction feed?

As that needed some serious get up and go! I doubt it’s a fix that more RAM would solve though. :rofl:

Seriously though and back on topic; can anything (phone wise) utilise that amount of RAM?

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I kind of love the slider. It looks so satisfying. And it reminds me of my Sidekick Slide from back in the day :joy:

If only this ran stock Android…

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They are looking to open a store in London, but already sell to other parts of Europe. So you could potentially order from a EU country and import it. Importing from EU incurs no duty and will also have the right certification. The dodgy Chinese sites often sell products designed for the Asian market with no CE certificates so technically illegal to import though I’m sure no one would ever find out


Dxomark gave it a very good score for the camera

I use RAM for large databases, so this could open up some interesting possibilities… . I wonder how it affects battery life though

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Point taken and amended, but as per that article:

Because the word “crazy” is often used as a derogatory term

If our cultural vernacular allows “crazy” to be a synonym for “bad,” “broken,” “unbelievable,” and, “dysfunctional,”

I prefer, especially as someone who has bipolar issues and ADD, to take ownership of such words and use them in positive ways to reclaim the language :slightly_smiling_face: and I’d therefore used it in a positive manner to describe something I find impressive :grinning:


Android is far more RAM hungry than iOS because of the way the OS is optimised (or not) and the fact everything is running in Java. Also apps in Android have loooooads of background processes compared to iOS along with the differences in how they handle multitasking.

All this, yet a 3200mah battery :laughing:

This looks like an excellent phone with great specs. Slightly outside of my cheap-o budget though!

Xiaomi have a number of excellent offerings. I paid under £200 for my MI A2. I am never going back to over priced Android handsets!

I don’t care if you take all of my data and listen to my top secret conversations China :cn:…take my money :sunglasses:

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I was looking at their budget offerings recently. Similar spec to a lot of cheaper phones (Moto, Wileyfox and Nokia come to mind) and no 3.5mm put me off.