Xiaomi's UK Launch

(Simon B) #1

I was recently talking to @icedcoffee about this. This will be interesting to see. I hope they don’t try and inflate their prices, and I’m now wondering which devices they’ll be selling here - they make so many different products but it would be awesome to see a Mi Mix 3 in stores over here.

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I think the prices will be inflated - they are in the US. They will still be ‘cheaper’ than other brands but I doubt it’ll be anything like buying from them directly.

I saw this when Yeelight’s smart lighting launched in Sainsbury’s (so I suppose not Xiaomi’s first foray into the UK market) - it was significantly more expensive than the ~£5 you pay for a bulb in their home market.

If you also look at the Mi TV boxes - $60 in the US compared to ~£20-30 in China depending on which model you want.


But anyway that’s nice!
Availability and UK warranty! :heartpulse:

(Splodf) #4

They’re already inflated by £100 at UK stockists. Don’t expect any different. There’s a really good thread on HotUK deals today on how to get the best deals on Xiaomi and where to purchase from.

(Keesha) #5

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 looks like a really great phone so I’m hoping it comes out here in the U.K at a reasonable price

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Pretty much all of Xiaomi’s products are great. I bought their ~£10ish smart body scales this week. Just a simple glass scale which sends your scales over to your phone to whichever app you use to monitor your health. Can’t go wrong at that price it’s pretty much the same as you’d pay for normal ones.


If “inflating prices” means paying tax and having to provide a warranty, then I really hope they do


They pay tax in their home country and still manage to provide an excellent warranty with their ‘uninflated’ prices.

(Simon B) #10

Lauching with the Mi 8 Pro!

The store opens in Westfields in London this Saturday - anyone planning to make a trip to check it out? If so… take some photos!

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(Simon B) #11

£499 for a Snapdragon 845 and in-display fingerprint scanner - going to head to head with the OnePlus 6T at that price. I would have liked to see them undercut OnePlus a bit, since the OnePlus software is better.

Looks like you can now buy the Pocophone in the UK now too

(Valeri) #12

Next and yes, so getting the discounted Electric Scooter :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ravi) #13

Presumably these are running MIUI. The prices are attractive but I’d want to know how they match to OnePlus on update support.


I suppose with it being authorised it’s a franchise type agreement? Explains the £150 markup on it’s price. In the UK market I suppose it’s not a bad price in comparison.

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(Simon B) #15

I imagine so. It seems Xiaomi have also struck deals with Carphone Warehouse, Argos and John Lewis as well to sell their devices too, so they won’t just be limited to the Xiaomi store itself.

(Phil) #16

I’m excited about this. Xiaomi are a genuinely great technology company with a vast ecosystem of products at such a low price. While the price may be put up a bit, having a warranty and baking of UK merchants and contracts is an advantage — certainly to the majority who will be interested in buying products in person or on the website of a known high-street website.

I’ve started building my Xiaomi life a few months ago with bulbs, lamps, thermometer and had a couple of Xiaomi phones over the last few years that have been the best phones I’ve ever owned. I hope the store has a good range of other products on display too.


I love my Mi Mix 2, with only the following minor annoyances

  • The weight is mainly at the top, so it feels heavier than other phones of identity weight
  • Not all apps see the fingerprint reader. Monzo does, like most other apps. However, Google Pay doesn’t so if it requires verification it asks for PIN. Same with Microsoft Authenticator.
  • I don’t think it will get Pie, unlike the Mi Mix 2S
(Phil) #18

I had that with my Redmi 4 Prime, but my recent upgrade to the Redmi 5 Plus fixed a lot of these issues.


The only 2 are the MS Authenticator and Google Pay. The latter being the most frustrating, especially on a morning on the tube as having to enter the PIN is much slower than the fingerprint

(John Biondini) #21

Sleek design, good user experience and great prices. I do love Xiaomi, especially their accessories.
I just wish they could add Homekit integration and I would be all over it.

(Valeri) #22

Some of them do have 3rd party HomeKit capabilites via homebridge :slight_smile:

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