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Not sure if it is still available but Currys had a Xbox One S with extra controller, Forza 4, FIFA 19, Project Cars 2 and Tekken 7 for £250. You could sell off the extras for close to £100 if you didn’t want them.

(Uatu) #22

I’m sure Amazon will have some flash deals on the run up to Christmas. Keep an eye open for them.

(Jonathan) #23

If you can hold out then wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday as there’s usually great deals on :slight_smile:

(Simmy) #24

Hi guys
Might get an Xbox around Christmas and want to know wether to get the Xbox one original or Xbox one S

I need to be able to play 4K films in mkv and mp4 format along with forza horizon 4

Which should I get ?

(Andy) #25

We’ve had quite a few Xbox one threads lately so I’ve merged them all together to keep the chat together.

You can’t play 4K content on the original Xbox one so at the very least you need to get an S.

Regarding MKV support -

(Richard) #26

Have to say… activated the game pass trial couple of days back, downloaded Forza Horizon 4 and what a stunning game… and I haven’t even put in 4k/HDR mode yet…

(Andy) #27

I can’t decide wether to drop the quality to play it in 60fps or keep it lower FPS but full 4K. It is stunning on both!

(Richard) #28

Will give the 4k a bash once I unlock a few more of the maps! Really need to clean the back of the X out… it was complaining about over heating the other day :thinking:

(Simmy) #29

Just got me xbox one setup. reluctant to go online as when I used to play Live before, it was full of Americans and annoying people shouting and swearing and generally being immature. Is it still the same these days ?
not to mention if another player is lagging, it ruins it for everyone else

(Kian Horton) #30

Seems to have changed a lot now

(Andy Hughes) #31

I never had this problem when I was playing Forza online, but Call of Duty is just the same as it ever was :joy:

(Simmy) #32

Fair enough.
Would i be missing out on anything by not playing Forza 4 live ?

(Andy) #33

Forza horizon is online but normal Forza doesn’t really need to be online


You can find people who have set groups up for games eg looking for people for CoD or Fifa, just look for UK gamers.

(Simmy) #35

Do you guys recommend getting the " Game Pass " ? I have a free month and so far downloaded Halo Collection which is a brilliant game

(Andy) #36

Absolutely worth it if you do a lot of gaming or like a lot of variety

(Nathan Steer) #37

Yep, if you like a lot of different types of games, or just want the option to try something new that you wouldn’t normally pick up, then game pass is most definitely worth it.


If you can find a month at a cheap price then give it a try.

Just seen a post on hukd for the Game pass, £7.99 for 3 months but could be account specific.

(Richard) #39

Good deal for those wanting an X and Forza…

(Andy) #40

That is a good deal!!