Wrong address on the Investor Certificate

Hi everyone!

I just noticed the address on my Investor Certificate is my old one. Any ideas how to get it changed? Do I need to contact Crowdcube or Monzo directly?

Many thanks and a Happy New Year!!

I would contact Crowdcube who presumably are in contact with the certificate issuer

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Thanks Ian! I will contact Crowdcube.

this email address may help - no promises :slight_smile: is your address up to date in your Monzo app ??? as that’s the one that they will have been issued with by Monzo , maybe ?


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My share certificate has the right address, but is missing the town

Does make you wonder where it came from! It shows correct in the Monzo app and providing it to Crowdcube settings page did not update the certificate

Guess I’ll need to contact Crowdcube as well as OP

I have the same issue, which was made apparent by the double set of commas where it’s been concatenated.

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Exact same!

And the same here. I filled in one of those customer service forms on their Web site where they don’t send you back a copy. (You cant get away with saying you never received it I saved a Screenshot! ) Did it within 30 mins of getting their email but as of 16:00 today no response.

Mine has the town but no county. Again, just a double set of commas. Peculiar.


Mine is likewise, however the postcode is correct, and house number, and city, so I pressume it shouldn’t be an issue. Thinking about it though, I’ll be soon to move, will I need to get them to change the address on the certificate? Or can I just leave it as is for as long as my parents continue to live there?

That’s what I’ve done for all my previous investments. For some of them, getting a paper certificate reissued will cost more than it’s worth!

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I’ve emailed nominee@crowdcube.com (Thanks for the hint @iansilversides) and they just got back to me confirming that they will update the address for me. I hope this helps.

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Just remember that Crowdcube shareholding certificates are not like ‘normal ones’.

Crowdcube holds your shares in a ‘nominee’ account so technically “Crowdcube” (or one of their subsidiaries) are ‘technically’ the shareholder and you just have ‘rights’ to them via that account.

This means that if the share certificate is slightly incorrect it’s not that important - as long as when it comes to selling the shares you are able to prove to Crowdcube that ‘you on their records’ is/was the same as you are now (i.e. if you move house and change your name, you can back track that evidence or if they have the address slightly wrong but there is only one ‘Mr J K Smith’ living at a ‘234 Little Street, Town, BG99 1AM’ then it won’t be a problem).