Would be interested to know how many people have deposited cash at paypoint

To be fair most post offices have pay point systems available, it’s just the fee but i would rather a £1 fee over an unexpected £100 u arranged overdraft fee due to an unforseen circumstance.

Tell them you are topping up the card (as they would with another top up card via paypoint), they seem to quickly figure out how to “top” the card up - and the instant notification confirms anything before you leave.

Especially encourages saving at home before depositing the cash as you contribute to the transaction fee (£1). I tend to try and save up to at least £100, think it’s an unintentional saving tool.

I have twice and attempted a third all at the same shop.
1st time: the guy looked confused but tried my card then said ok and took my cash. I got a notification straight away on monzo.
2nd time: guy in the shop said he now charged 50p for “that card” on top of the fee taken by monzo. (I paid the 50p.
3rd time: Same guy refused said they no longer allow top ups with a monzo card as they are charged, he told me to try co op down the road.
I haven’t paid in cash since, I either pay it into my starling via post office or lloyds and transfer to Monzo.

I work long hours so understand the trouble of getting to a post office. I would still rather recommend waiting to a time someone could deposit rather than pay the fee. I do not agree with fees to deposit cash.

Your views are your own, but my view was noted heavily in the previous thread for which I declared I would not keep mentioning.

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This sounds like it would go against Monzo’s contract with PayPoint (not that I know any details of it, but I can’t imagine individual shops are allowed to add arbitrary fees or refuse service). I would encourage you to report this to Monzo through in-app chat so they can raise it with PayPoint, or maybe @nickrw can contact you for further details?


Hi @simonf! That sounds like a very misinformed shop! They actually get paid per PayPoint transaction :thinking:

If you let us know the details of the shop via in-app chat we’ll send the details PayPoint. PayPoint will get in touch with them to let them know how the process works (and let them know they’re not allowed to charge fees on top!)


I will send the details via chat now.
Didn’t think they would be. Not a major issue but seemed odd.

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I deposited £200. This is what happened.

1st shop - swiped card put amount in then terminal told her to type card details in?
I explained that was wrong & after 2 further failed attempts I left.
2nd shop - accepted first time & put cash in till then told me - no internet!! Needless to say I didn’t leave until he resolved his WiFi issues.
WiFi issues sorted & it worked first time.

Both shops tried to insert with the chip despite me telling them not to do it that way!!!

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Both situations are very much a breach of PayPoint terms; you shouldn’t be charged by the merchant and he shouldn’t be charged by PayPoint.

I’d get in touch with PayPoint customer service if I was you.


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