Rugby Chat - 2019 6 Nations and Fantasy League Competition

(Richard) #1

Given there’s a World cup thread, we should have a Rugby thread (union that is… league can go elsewhere :wink: )

Any rugby fans on here?? :smiley:


How do you play rugby again? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Richard) #3




Massive rugby fan here! Long term warriors fan :wink:


(Richard) #5

Nice! I’d like to say i’d in the black and red army… but… with that rebrand from Edinburgh… :grimacing:


Yeah it’s an interesting choice of strip you’ve got now! It’s making me quite nervous for the Glasgow one!

(Richard) #7

Think the images out so far are the training tops, dreading the actual tops.

Think the Glasgow one will stay pretty similar, can’t go too wrong with black… unless they want a snazzy camouflage sort of number

(Richard) #8

For those of us who do like Rugby… or those that want more sport in their lives…


(#savetheseabass) #9

I don’t like normal rugby but rugby 7’s is brilliant


I’m so gutted that 7s doesn’t come to Scotstoun anymore :frowning: had such a great day out there watching the 7s and getting drunk!

(Richard) #11

Ditto… equally would have liked it to be at Murrayfield!

Either way… RWC is coming, so obligatory “Come on Scotland!” #backingblue :smiley:


Already looking forward to it just need to make sure that it doesn’t impact the warriors team too much since most of the Scotland team is warriors :wink:

(Richard) #13

Not the 7s team though :wink:



(Adam Robertson) #15

I really like rugby and used to play it at school, so glad to see a forum on it! Tigers fan myself.

One thing that irks me though (and I say it just cause it’s right near the top) is the snobbery from some rugby fans over football. Like, we get it, you don’t have to like football. Friendly banter is cool, but I sometimes I get quite snobby undertone vibes when comparing the two sports.

Just my opinion though.


I had to give it up fairly early on, too many injuries and I was crap! Wouldn’t mind getting back in to touch though!


@Chimpofdoom finally! and a game I can walk to!

(Richard) #18

Nice! Saw the promo video just before I went for lunch!

Interesting choice of venue. Might look into it, closer to the time :slight_smile:

(Richard) #19

It’s that time of year again folks… :smiley:

Anyone planning to watch/go to any of the games?


Trying to get some free murrayfield tickets but not having much luck so far! Probably just some pubs to watch instead!