Didn’t think the World Cup Final and Ashes threads were quite relevant.

Gotta love a day night test in India for matching up perfectly with the English work day!

But not a great day so far for England. Won the toss but, Crawley aside, were just completely out of sorts with the bat.

Things not looking good but you never really know until both teams have batted.

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kuga shte prestignat arite mi


A good old Bulgarian saying…:flushed:


I’ll happily receive a translation in DMs if it’s not suitable for a public forum. But then it’s interesting why OP would register just to leave it here


Alternatively, “wir sind geschraubt” :rofl:

India lead already, with seven wickets remaining.

But England have got a few quick wickets. Very much in the balance.

Yeah. Just noticed. 126-8 :firecracker:

Game on!!! :smiley:

I managed to get England at 10-1 yesterday after their first innings!

Gonna be a very interesting day of play.

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Great odds. Better than interest rates - if successful of course :grin:

Jonathan Agnew on BBC: “I think a lead of 60 is potentially a match-winning lead on this pitch.”

Simon Mann on BBC: “It is not impossible this game could end today.”

We shall see.

Edit: NINE down now. 134

Root currently on 4-6 after being on 3-0. Would love for him to get a 5 for He finishes with 5-8!.