Withdrawing from Interest-Bearing Pots

It’s tax payment time, so I need to withdraw all of the money that I put in my Tax pot over the year. But a few months ago I changed it to an interest-bearing pot. And that makes things a little trickier.

Firstly, you don’t get the money instantly. Ok, that’s my bad for not reading enough of the T&Cs for the interest-bearing pot. And luckily, I’ve given myself a few days, so I can wait for the money to arrive tomorrow.

But, secondly, you can’t get all of the money. The app won’t let you withdraw an amount that takes the pot’s balance below £1000. The only option is to close the pot. I think I’ve done that. Or, at least, I’ve pressed the wastebasket icon in the pot’s settings screen a few times. But the app hasn’t given me any notification that my instructions have been registered.

I’m sure it’ll all work itself out over the next few days. But I thought it was worth posting this as a public service announcement for people who are expecting to take out all their money at the last possible minute :slight_smile:


You get a pop-up on Android saying the pot will be deleted and the balance transferred to your balance. Then a feed item appears as pending. And of course the pot gets deleted.

Actually, yes, I do get the pop-up. But I don’t see a pending feed item.

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