Withdrawing foreign currency in UK

Hi all

I’m wondering if it was possible to put money onto my account/card - Hong Kong Dollars in my case onto my card and withdraw an amount in the UK that will be HKD before I arrive in Hong Kong?


You can buy Hong Kong Dollars from an online currency service who will deliver it to you. You’ll be charged in £‘s and get HK$.

The cheaper option may just be to withdraw it upon arrival depending on how much you need.

I’ve used ASDA Travel Money online a few times and have found it to offer good enough rates and are very reliable.

Thank you, i was going to use the Monzo card as it doesn’t charge fees but wanted to have some HKD in advance of arriving in the country.

There’s plenty of free ATMs to use that work just fine in HK Airport. You can use your card to purchase travel cards for the express transit to the city and MRT too. You won’t be stuck arriving with nothing.