Best way to withdraw money

Travelling to Europe next week and with Brexit and all making the Euro poor, is it best to withdraw money from ATM’s abroad or from exchange offices here?

Abroad every time - just make sure you always select to withdraw in the local currency rather than the sterling equivalent. That way you’ll get the best MasterCard rate - since Monzo don’t charge fees or give you a worse exchange rate.

Just one thing to think about: the pound could really go on a roller coaster ride over the coming weeks. Therefore the exchange rate with other currencies could change significantly. If you think the pound’s about to fall, you may as well withdraw Euros now, so you get the better exchange rate. Just make sure you don’t do it at the airport, but use somewhere with decent exchange rates. If you think the pound’s about to rise, leave exchanging for as long as possible. It’s a bit of a lottery at this point…


If you’re not able to withdraw foreign currency from ATMs because you’re still in the UK try sending it to TransferWise. You can hold a EUR balance there and withdraw from ATMs. I believe they have a similar quota to Monzo (£200 free, 2% above that).