Withdrawing a large amount of money

Hi, I need to withdraw a large amount of money. I have tried to reach someone via the chat but am not getting a response. Help!?

You mean as actual cash?

2 options:

  • Wait for chat
  • Transfer to another bank account and try and contact them.

I know my last big cash withdrawal Halifax wanted a few days notice but that was 5+ years ago.

Sorry, did not word this right. I need to do a transfer.

How long ago did you contact them? Wait times are a bit longer at the moment

Sometimes it displays an estimated response time on the screen too, so have a look for that :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thanks for all your helpful responses, waited over night but have finally got through to someone :slight_smile: enjoy your days!


Customer services are only available overnight for emergencies. Glad you’ve got it sorted :+1:

I think being denied access to your money, even if that’s a result of a pre set transaction limit, constitutes an emergency.

Saying that you’re “denied access to your money” is a bit dramatic :sweat_smile:

Getting a response first thing in the morning is perfectly acceptable.

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Well I disagree that a large transfer is an emergency the standard transfer limit is £10,000 that is fine for most people. If you need to transfer more than that for a large purchase such as a car or house deposit etc you are likely to know when the amount is due and can contact customer service and arrange a temporary limit raise.

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