Withdraw money whilst card frozen

I was able to withdraw money from my prepaid Monzo card today whilst the card was Frozen.

The app said transaction declined because the card was Frozen but the ATM still paid out.

Account now up to date.

Card still frozen!

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Hummm… That qualifies for philosoraptor!

Will you be seeking further explanation from COps via in-app chat? If that was a bug :bug: , then it might be worth reporting it. :hammer: It certainly looks like a bug, but I might be theorising too much! :thinking:



I’d go as far as to say that sounds a lot like a bug so please do report it via the in-app chat so that Monzo can check & (if I’m right), fix it for everyone else :raised_hands:

A little concerning that 'Card Frozen is meant to be “The” major security feature of Monzo.

I take it this is reported as I have created this discussion.

Just posting something here is not reporting. Contact Monzo Customer Operations thru your app to report.


Have now reported it and will update with the Monzo reply.


Maybe someone local to an ATM could test this and see. Freeze the card and then attempt an ATM withdrawal?

Any responses? Curious to find out what happened.

I had this issue before when I was on the prepaid scheme, sometimes cough GPS cough doesn’t honour the frozen card status, I spent a long time trying to replicate it and wasn’t able too.

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Whether prepaid or CA, should locking/freezing via the app be instant?
I like that the app will not freeze the card if you don’t have a data connection.

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Might be being thick here but surely it can’t freeze it without data? That info needs to be sent to Monzo hq so that atms and shops know it’s frozen.

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Hi, The reason I was told is due to a delay from requesting the cash withdraw, the server receiving the request, processing the command and then checking to see if the card is frozen or not and then sending the information back to the atm. If this takes too long it is possible for the atm to make its own decision based on probability!

Hope everyone is keeping up. I wish I was!

Anyway, the problem related to the prepaid cards only and will not occur with the current account bank cards, as Monzo have built their own system and now use their own servers. So I was told.