Winner winner Chicken Dinner ;)

(Justin Hunt) #1

I am now a Monzo Invester,
Slightly excited :wink: :grinning::clap::clap:

(Kieran McCann ) #2

I got my investment email on Thursday, so stoked. :grin::facepunch:t2:


I’m still waiting!!! So no dice yet.

(Patrick) #4

I’ve just receive the email this morning and I am now also an investor :grin:


Me too; super excited. :monzo: win

(Chris Roberts) #6

I got the invitation email today… on my birthday! :grimacing:

(Alex Mayo) #7

Just received my invite. Thanks Monzo! :monzo: :heart:


Come on Monzo, where is my invite!!!???

No chicken dinner for me!

(Josh Bray) #9

It’s great to see all the excitement from the new investors.

(Mathew Brack) #10

Just got my email as well! I am now a :monzo: investor!

(Kieran McCann ) #11

:tada: Happy birthday dude!! :tada:

(Richard Bairwell) #12

I managed to get in on the second round as well - so that makes me a double investor… Shame both investment rounds happened when I’ve been short of cash so I wasn’t able to invest as heavily as I would have liked (total investment is < £500 :frowning: )

(Ash) #13

Still waiting for my email :frowning: when are the last ones being sent out?

(Bob) #14

Can’t answer that, but just over £2m has already been invested so less that £500k left for the nail-biters :slight_smile:

(Mathew Brack) #15

Slightly off topic: I’ve noticed around the forums that some users have “Mondo Crowdfunding Investor” or “Monzo…” as a tag next to their names but others who have invested do not, as shown in the examples quoted here. How is this set up?


Monzo staff have a Monzo byline, some Investors and crowdfunders from the initial funding, plus some Alpha or Beta card holders, and community leaders. It is not automated but allocated/granted by Monzo staff.

(Alex Sherwood) #17

You can change your ‘title’ in your profile settings -

Monzo has to manually identify & assign the investor title to your Discourse profile first though. I assume that they’ll do that for the new investors from this crowdfunding round too, although I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere.

(Mathew Brack) #18

Good to know! Thanks :smile:

(Herp Derp) #19

Nearly a year later lol

(Mathew Brack) #20

Maybe the @moderators could help out, a thread or something for us to claim badges.