Announcing Our £22m Investment Round and Crowdfunding!

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We’re extremely excited! This is a key part of launching current accounts and crowdfunding again is going to be great :tada:


And let’s see if it goes quicker than last time :wink:

(Andrew Ross) #3

Hopefully I’ll be a little quicker this time and actually get to invest something! :laughing:


I’m assuming that if it does got to ballot the only people in that lottery are the ones who didn’t invest last time?

Is that the meaning of

Existing investors from last year’s crowdfunding round will automatically be eligible to invest again this time, if they wish


(Mark Edmonds) #5

Heres to hoping the site doesn’t fall over!

(Tristan Thomas) #6

@Christophorus Exactly

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #7

its going to break again :slight_smile: , Ive retweeted the crowdfunding , presumably most avid followers will re tweet to there “followers” - hey even some Starling staff will probably be wanting to get in on it from mine lol - its going to break on last crowdfunding performance :slight_smile: - good luck Monzo


Is there a chance that they’ll be able to take the full availability or is that one of the reasons the limit of £1000 is there? I’m not aware of how many people invested last time.

EDIT: Found the answer. 1,877 so there’s no way they could take the whole pot available.

Maintain our participation ( resist dilution )
(Alex Sherwood) #9

So that means that potentially there will be £623,000 left, for just 623 new investors - although in reality, not all of the previous Crowdcube investors will invest £1,000 & neither will the new investors so both numbers will be higher.

Still, given that there’s over 9x as many Monzo users now & the brand is much better known, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of people in that ballot! And it’s great to see that Monzo increased the amount that is set aside for Crowdcube investors accordingly.

Here’s what the investment from Crowdcube investors looked like last time -

Images copied from this blog.

Inspiration for Humanitarian Banking 9.0
(Dan Cross) #11

I’ll happily invest… so long as I get one of those Monzo stickers.

(Adam Hockley) #12

Cant wailt what perks for investors?

(Naji Esiri) #13

We’ll be announcing more details on perks for investors early next week!

(Tom ) #14

I invested last time round - and all I got was some poxy shares! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m likely to invest again. With Passion Capital showing the money again, and Thrive Capital too (having backed Spotify and Instagram), the signs are good.

(Josh Bray) #15

I’ll be investing again. Can’t wait.

(Peter ) #16



I’m sure I’ll give it a shot.


People are going to be upset again because 90% of prospective new investors won’t have a winning lottery ticket.

You should allow everyone who expresses an interest the right to purchase a nominal shareholding - say £50, then do the monzo lottery for the rest of the outstanding amount, so then you won’t have these furious people who feel let down and go and become an evangelist for tandem or gohenry who let everyone in. People i know who missed out last time just want to be a part of it and even a £10 shareholding with Investor written on their card would make them feel like Elon Musk :sunglasses:

The Pledges & Investing

Haven’t quite a few tech companies done IPOs with ballots?


I think it’s probably the fairest way to do it. Gives the original Crowdcube investors first dibs to ensure their holding isn’t diluted and avoid the fastest finger first approach for new investors.

Can’t just go around giving stock to everyone who wants it, would make individual holdings practically worthless.

Right, so who do I need to butter up to ensure my name is picked out in the ballot :beers::beers::gift::gift::wink:

(Simon) #21

Exciting stuff, got my finger on the button this time :smile: