Will the Pulse Graph predict our salary & scheduled payments?

I know there have been a few topics about scrapping/changing the graph but I cannot locate a relevant one (@alexs please merge if deemed necessary) .

If Monzo is aware of my salary intake, which is consistent for the past months, as well as all my standing orders and direct debits, would it be a complex process to apply these jumps to the graph accordingly?

Mine looks like this and it is just ridiculously unhelpful and irrelevant:




It would be pretty sweet if that went down for your upcoming commited spending and up for when your salary is due!


Yeah I want that too. And for it to follow my payday schedule, at the moment I seem to end up with a tiny bit of graph for 10 days as I get paid on the 10th every month.

I’d quite like more obvious segmentation by days/weeks so it kinda functions like a horizontal calendar, too. With selectable dots on the predicted line showing recurring spending I’d be more enthusiastic about pulse. :laughing:

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I believe that this has always been the plan here but I haven’t heard anything about it recently. I guess it goes back into the prioritisation pot once the Big List of features have been knocked on the head.

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