Pulse Graph projection / forecast is inaccurate

(Dan) #1

Hey :wave:

This maybe one for a dev to answer but I’ll give it a go…

I have been using Monzo as my full account for 6 months now… but my Pulse Graph just isn’t showing my any sort of prediction…

All I see is the following…

Yet for the last 6 months my actual data is this… every month the same…

So surely it should know this and reflect that in its prediction rather than showing 3 days later and that’s it :man_shrugging:t2:


(Mark Embling) #2

I have exactly the same. I wasn’t sure quite what it was meant to do or show… the only benefit for me is the historical view but I wish it would show more of it on the screen.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

FYI, here’s how the forecast works at the moment -

I suppose if it doesn’t ignore fixed costs like rent, that would explain this behaviour. That’s not great, it’s a problem for me too but it sounds like the team are planning to fix this -

(Mark Embling) #4

Ah thanks, makes sense. Because there’s a lot of money out early in the month, it will be skewing the average daily spend very high I should think.

Maybe it could look back only X days and predict on that? I look forward to the future updates but if that’s a relatively quick easy change, it might make it a bit more useful for the majority of cases.

(Michael) #5

The pulse graph should take into account committed future spend (standing orders and direct debits); as well as regular scheduled income; and average spend