Will the long 16 digit number be printed on cards?

Hi there,
Firstly I want to check that I’ve got this right… …i saw a blog that mentioned that the possible design for the CA cards won’t show the long number on the front? Have i got this correct?
If so…then I’m not sure I would want this…or at least I’d like the option to have the long number on the card.
After excitingly getting my first pay check into my CA at 3am…i then excitedly bought a ticket for a festival. Being 3am I didn’t want to put the light on. I used my phone to buy my the ticket, and i had to upload my new card details. With mobile banking they are increasingly using the scan the card option so you don’t have to type in the long card number and expiry date (I love this option as it reduces errors and you don’t need to turn on the light…the camera does it for you).
If I had no long number to scan on the CA card…im guessing the long card number would be in the app? If so, this would be annoying to have to go into an app and copy and paste the number (if that’s even possible, as with other banking apps you can’t copy and paste I’m guessing for security reasons).
What do you think?

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I see your point. there was discussion on this, but don’t think anything was set in stone

Although personally, I’d rather a simple copy and paste from app to app on my phone
I think it takes longer to go get my debit card out, and the wriggle it back and forth in front of the camera until the app picked up all the details correctly

I guess we all prefer to do things differently, and that’s why it’s good to be able to put our ideas to Monzo like this
I suspect as the App and Bank develop, there will be many customisation’s that we as users can make, to suit our own needs and preferences


Just to add user case scenario - my password manager auto fills everything, especially if I make a purchase on my phone. Card details are protected with my fingerprint, but that’s a minimal hassle. It happened few times that app didn’t want to be filled, but if that’s the case, I copy card number, quickly memorise CVV and expiry date and alt-tab back to the app. One app didn’t want to allow me to use paste function in card number field (also in the password field), so I deleted the app. :smiley:
I don’t remember when was the last time I had to take out a card from my wallet (well, excluding POS transactions). :thinking:

I’d be a perfect example of a user who would want as little details as possible on my card. Without card number, I could make really nice photos with Monzo without any need to hide PAN, that’s an exciting idea! :smiley:


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