Move long card number to back of physical card

I recently got a virgin Atlantic credit card and they have removed the card number from the front of cards, it now sits on the back.

Don’t know if it has already been discussed, but i really like it as an idea, it makes me feel like it’s more secure.

Much nicer from a design perspective too.

Monzo should be on this already, particularly before a US launch. Even their new plus cards look a bit old fashioned due to this.


Could make it vertical too…

Swap Teal for Hot Coral, put Monzo on it. Done.

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Yup, my Virgin Money Sex Pistols credit card is the same in terms of the long number printed on the back and obviously my Starling debit card too.

I have to admit, I’m very much a fan of the printed number cards instead of the embossed numbered cards. I would never though use the style or colour of a card as an excuse to pick a particular bank or credit card provider. At the end of the day, it’s a piece of plastic (or, rather oddly, a metal card with some providers) and it serves a purpose which is all I care about.


The best use of long card number I’ve seen is breaking in into four into a column.




I think that format is great!

Surely the CVV would then have to be on the front? Since half the point of the CVV is it isn’t in the same place as the account number.

Leading to… flip the card over and nothing has actually changed? :grin:

I’d prefer the option of removing the number entirely from the card - ideally that would be with with virtual numbers so that you generate them per transaction, but no sign of Monzo supporting that (or, as far as I can tell, any UK bank… the US is ahead in this).


I think the point of cvv is more that it is not recorded by payment processors, so you need to know it, not just the cc no, for every online use.

Just out of curiousity why are people bothered about where the card number is located?


It’s also setup so you can’t easily shoulder surf/record it with a camera and it doesn’t show up on imprinting machines (although the latter are rare now, it’s a couple of years since I’ve seen one used, they were extremely common when credit cards were designed).

Every bit of security is good to have, especially on a physical card which is completely unsecured in other ways (hence my desire to remove the number completely).

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Yeah I’d prefer to see the card number removed completely from the physical card too.

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I’m bothered more about the ugly embossed lettering for card no and expire end than the fact it is on the front, but also it’s not really used much so should be on the back IMO. I’d be fine with losing it from the card (along with mag strip and signature strip!), but suspect network regulations might prohibit that?

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The Apple Card (which will also be Mastercard like Monzo) is not going to have the card details etc printed anywhere on the card, so Mastercard must be ok with it.

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I like raised numbers and letter it may be old school in some minds but useful for those short of sight so they know which way up the card is. A card should support people with disabilities that make card use hard I feel things like brail should also be added.


I actually prefer embossed cards - having a non embossed card can cause problems when payment networks stop working and in some countries using the old carbon copy machines is still surprisingly common as is using the mag stripe/signature strip (and not just in North America)

Also, I wouldn’t want to lose the number etc from the card as that assumes one will also have a charged phone with you which is not always the case and could also cause retailers being less willing to accept it.


I think most wand the embossed numbers and letters for solely out of an aesthetic reason as opposed to practicality. As stated lots of countries still use carbon copy for card transactions, it helps people short of sight and sometimes you need the number on the card as your phone etc isn’t available to use. And if it’s embossed it can’t be rubbed off over time.


I understand that both debit and credit cards with Braille are available in the UK:

I have an RBS well Holts(the military branch of RBS) card that is designed for those with impaired vision etc they issue all their cards like it. A small thing like a bank card should be all inclusive to everyone someone with a disability shouldn’t have to apply for a special card it should be standard.

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Notwithstanding the apparent experiences of those mentioning the old carbon copy slider machines, personally as a frequent global traveller, I haven’t in all of my years of travelling overseas had any of my cards swiped once with an old slider machine, and I travel extensively. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. The last time I had any sort of card swiped on an old slider machine, was here in the UK, so long ago now I can’t even remember which decade it was.



I have in the US. I’ve had to use imprints in the UK when the store network has been down also.

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